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Last updated on April 9, 2021

How many people enjoy listening to music? Raise your hand.

Has music made a positive impact on your life? Raise your hand.

Does a good outfit enhance your workout? Double hands up!

If you raised your hands to these questions, then this post is for you. 

A vast majority of us gravitate to music as a way to engage our brain. On a biological level, we associate sounds and beats as an internal form of communication. That’s why when you hear a song that your brain signals as relatable, you feel a sense of connection. Whether it be to yourself, the artist, another listener, or placing it to a moment in time, it’s a seemingly insignificant, way to remember you’re not alone in the world. 

Fighting is founded on a somewhat surprisingly similar level. When you watch people do pad rounds there’s a satisfaction with the timing of cracking of the pads and the ebb and flow between holder and hitter. Although an individual sport, it requires you to be in constant communication and have rhythm with your partners. All of the hard work you do in preparation for your fight, is for you. However, when you dig a little deeper, you can see and feel the connection to those around you. Verbal or non-verbal, your coaches, your team, your opponent – you’re all connected. Even in the ring, you’re never alone. 

To better understand a brand you have to understand the foundation in which it’s laid. For Golden Era Apparel, it’s bridging their joy for what music has brought to their life and rooting it in Muay Thai fight culture. It’s not an easy task to be able to mesh different worlds, but for those who can appreciate the references, each design will make you go “Damn. That’s so good.”

” The sadness, anger, and frustration conveyed throughout the music is an expression of normal, healthy feelings.”

– William Seemann

Rifling through albums and playlists has gotten me through every bummer and heartache I’ve ever had. Other than repeating ‘I hate running’ every 20 seconds and reminiscing longingly of sitting on the couch with a jumbo bag of potato chips, music is literally the only thing that keeps me going when out for a run. In this day and age there is an infinite amount of music you can play, and it’s all available at our fingertips. Yet, somehow, ‘Till I collapse’ has been played over one billion times on Spotify and is also on far too many people’s top choices for a walk out song. Don’t get me wrong, that song slaps, and good on Eminem for getting that bag… but what about the other stuff?  

Golden Era Spotify Playlist

“The idea that something can sound so sonically raw while conveying a meaningful and/or uplifting message has always been a captivating paradox.” 

A perfect explanation taken from No Echo’s interview by Mike Musilli of why this genre of music flocks many of us to combat sports. To witness people put their heart and bodies on the line, and at the end of it share an embrace and exchange admiration for one another, is a beautiful display of humanity. 

By sponsoring multiple fighters and gyms, Golden Era’s initiative isn’t only to create, but to work and give back to the fight community of which it’s founded. Jonathan Hagerty, Luke ‘The Chef’ Lessei, Brooke Farrell, Nate Gaston, Thomas Blackorby, and Prime Muay Thai are on the roster. Incorporating his passion for video gaming, he sponsors former pro MMA fighter Zac Shepard’s Twitch channel – Punch and Play. A portion of Golden Era’s sales goes to continuing work in highlighting and representing those who rise to the brand’s bar. Not yet able to be announced, but dropping this year,  Golden Era has many irons in the fire that will feature new faces and new items!

Punch And Play
Twitch Banner Featuring Golden Era Apparel

Creating an apparel company that can bring multiple aspects into one design is rad in theory. Execution, however? Is a literal cut above the rest. Golden Era goes to incredible lengths to make sure the product you receive is 100% quality. Personally, I’ve lost count on how many times I’ve ordered a shirt from somewhere hoping for it to be my new favorite thing, only to immediately regret tearing off the tag, nulling my chances for a refund. 

PHOTO: Coach Cee
Founder and Owner of GFBC

It’s easy to come up with some half-cocked design and go to a printer who could care less about how it actually looks. Brands like these will mass print it and throw it on a sandpaper Gilden t-shirt to receive over triple what they paid to get printed. Shirts like these rarely make it through a wash without the color coming off and usually gets shred to bits before the one year anniversary of it’s purchase date. And now here you are; left with -$30 and a shirt not worth wearing even in the most dire of laundry days. 

It infuriates me to no end that people are so profit driven that they would put out such an unwearable product. Finding a brand that puts the consumer in mind above all else instead of a dollar sign is a rarity. After working alongside Golden Era for the better part of a year, I can truly say this company cares about what you wear. It is calculated meticulously for the person inside the product without compromising on value. Everything from the feel and the fit of the product, the sizing and composition of the design, to the ink opacity, and print quality; all of it sets the standard for casual wear. 

All I can say is if concept and consistency is a winning combination, Golden Era Apparel is a first round KO.

Shop Golden Era and follow their social medias below to stay updated.

Thank you for reading!

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